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October 25, 2007



Should issues this complex really be going to public vote? Even though it involves the spending of public monies shouldn't these decisions really be made by the experts. We fund our state schools to train individuals in urban design (among other applicable fields), we fund our local governments to hire consultants (experts) to analyze the situations and propose solutions. And yet when it comes to the implementation we bypass all of that and let Joe Blow decide how he would solve the problem. Like you mention "there are details for everyone to hate", and this typically results in gridlock on the roads and in the decision making process.

Collin S. Ferguson

Democracy is the worst form of government in the world, but it is the best we got.

I am an urban planner by trade and while I do agree with Andrew in that I have the expertise over joe blow, I have to disagree that I should have the authority to overturn the populous' decision. My services are available to the public if they want them. If, however, they do not, then that is their choice; they have chossen to deal with the consequences of their decision. In the words of Paul Davidoff, I will always advocate for smart growth and the needs of the public. I do not feel comfortable, however, being an oligarchic, authoritarian, rational planner.

Big decisions should be made by the public. Tis the whims of the 21st century and the Information Age.


I don't know anyone who didn't vote for it, so i'm stumped as to why it was defeated by such a big margin.

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