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June 04, 2007



The highway tolls between Paris and Marseille total over USD 67 according to autoroute.fr. Add in $6-7/gallon for gas and its not surprising that people are more interested in taking the train.

At $50 - 120 per person each way they TGV is hardly a cheap option either.

It should also be noted that Marseille-Paris is quite a bit further than Portland-Seattle. 506 vs 774km driving.


Between Seattle and Portland the train already pencils out for one traveler. It's usually $25 on Amtrak or $20+ for gas alone, not counting wear and tear.

I think the point is that we need to start creating the kinds of options that they have in France. Between Seattle and Portland Amtrak is far slower than driving and will be for many years to come, even though traffic will increasingly crawl. I'm all for building projects to dramatically boost time and reliability -- and then adding some highway tolls to cover the bills.

Collin S. Ferguson



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