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April 27, 2007



There's something interesting about urban areas too though. For example, Montreal and Seattle have the same size city-proper, which obscures strange things in Montreal, like having no less than 6 enclaves inside its borders (you can see them on wikipedia; for the record, monteral is an island). They have the same Metro population (roughly), but Montreal has 1.62 million residents in its city proper, versus Seattle's ~578,000, and you can definitely feel the difference when you're there. The metro minus the urban area is the population in suburbs, which one doesn't always necessarily want to count (although, admittedly, Tacoma's urban population should probably contribute to Seattle's total, or the Tacoma area should be excluded from the metro area).

For example, used to complain about Seattle's crappy transit, until I realized that Montreal has only has three times the transit density (miles of transit operation per square mile) as Seattle does, and since it's 3 times as dense (admittedly, overall, it's probably waaaay more dense where I live), that makes sense.

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